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Merck KGaA Inks Option Agreement with Quris

Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, Enters into Option Agreement with Quris on its BioAI Platform for Clinical Safety Prediction. The agreement between the two companies is exclusive to only one disease for a period of five years.

Led by Welltech Ventures, with participation from iAngels and GlenRock Capital and leading tech pioneers. "We invested in Quris because it has developed a disruptive machine-learning platform that better predicts which drug candidates will safely work in humans." – Dr. Kobi Richter. More...

Quris Launches First AI Clinical Prediction Platform

Quris Launches First AI Clinical Prediction Platform

A disruptive bio-AI platform that combines cutting-edge machine-learning, together with miniaturized Patients-on-a-Chip to predict drug safety and efficacy.

Quris' First AI Drug Preparing for Clinical Testing in 2022

A first AI-Drug developed by Quris using its bio-AI platform, is now preparing to begin clinical testing in 2022. It is a drug for Fragile-X, a cause of hereditary autism.

Moderna Co-founder Robert Langer Joins Quris’s SAB

Moderna Co-founder Robert Langer Joins Quris’ SAB

“We are at the tipping point of modernization of drug discovery. I think the Quris platform could be of significant value to pharma companies" – Prof. Robert Langer

Nobel Laureate Ciechanover Chairs Quris’ Scientific Advisory Board

“Quris can evaluate the safety and efficacy of drug candidates using a breakthrough method on miniaturized Patients-on-a-Chip." – Nobel Laureate Ciechanover

Exclusive Collaboration With NYSCF, World Leader in Stem Cell Automation

“We are at the cusp of a paradigm shift in drug testing and development. Our team of scientists is excited about the collaboration with Quris." Watch NYSCF's TED TALK 

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