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Quris AI

Tackling the most impactful AI challenge of our time:

A radical new approach to predict drug safety

Quris is an artificial intelligence innovator that is disrupting the drug development process.

Quris' Bio-AI Clinical Prediction Platform better predicts which drug candidates will safely work in humans, avoiding tremendous costs of failed clinical trials.

We are led by a team of top scientists and strategic investors and are actively preparing for clinical testing with our first AI-based drug.

First AI Clinical Prediction Platform

First AI Clinical Prediction Platform

Drug development is expensive, with 89% of drugs ultimately failing in clinical trials. Quris aims to address the trillion-dollar challenge that other unicorn AI-Pharma companies have not: Predicting which drug candidate will safely work in humans. More…

Machine-Learning Trained by Patients-on-a-Chip

Our unique machine-learning approach generates data for classification algorithms by testing drugs on miniaturized Patients-on-a-Chip and then the machine-learning model is trained using this automatically-tagged data. More…

Machine-Learning Trained by ‘Patients-on-a-Chip’
Quris Track Record Team

An All-Star Team

Based in Boston and Tel-Aviv, Quris is led by a stellar team of pioneers in machine-learning, big-data, genomics, technology, and medical device development - all with a strong track record of success, including Moderna co-founder Robert Langer and Nobel Laureate Aaron Ciechanover. More…

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